May 18, 2024

University of idaho. Aberdeen Wheat Genetics & Breeding Program

Phenotyping and association mapping of water and nitrogen use efficiency in wheat and barley genotypes from the National Small Grains Collection

Eighteen hundred wheat and 1200 barley accessions, 600 per year for five years, will be evaluated under three water/nitrogen treatments (normal irrigation/normal nitrogen, terminal drought/normal nitrogen, terminal drought/low nitrogen) to identify novel germplasm and alleles associated with high water and nitrogen use efficiency (WUE and NUE). The identified germplasm will be used by wheat and barley breeders to develop new cultivars adapted in water-limited environments and new cultivars with improved nitrogen use efficiency. The identified germplasm and alleles will also be used in applying genomic selection for WUE and NUE to improve the efficiency of breeding for these traits.

Jianli Chen