March 2, 2024

USDA-ARS Small Grain Genotyping Center, Fargo

We are one of the four USDA ARS Small Grains Genotyping Centers located in Fargo, ND. We focus on the cereal crops widely grown in the Northern Plains region of the US, including wheat, barley and oat.
The mission of our lab is to apply and utilize the most current genomics information to small grains breeding programs. We work closely with small grains geneticists and breeders in understanding the genetics underlying important agronomic traits, such as grain quality and disease resistance.
Our research activities involve the use of high throughput genotyping techniques to evaluate genetic diversity present among germplasm that can be explored by breeders, identify genetic markers closely associated with important agronomic traits, and integrate genetic marker information in the breeding process to help improve breeding efficiency when combined with traditional breeding strategies.

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Shiaoman Chao