March 2, 2024

USDA-ARS Soft Wheat Quality Laboratory, Wooster

Dr. Souza directs the regional laboratory for the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service charged with wheat quality research for the eastern US. The laboratory has cooperative research projects with more than 25 state and private research programs in the US, Latin America, and China.

He developed more than 20 new wheat varieties for the University of Idaho. While at the University of Idaho, he led a multi-disciplinary research project that integrated crop development with crop management, molecular genetics, and cereal chemistry. His research projects included multi-state efforts for breeding insect resistance and the development of cultivars for a new class of wheat for Asian export. Dr. Souza’s consulting works with supply chain management to improve food quality and reduce costs in bakeries. His research and consulting experience includes work in North America, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and China.

Genomics, Plant Breeding, Wheat Quality, Crop Management, Agricultural Supply Chain Management, Wheat Breeding, Research Management, Food Science, Cereal Science.

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