July 31, 2021

Cumulative list of publications (2017-2020)

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2017 publications

(60 publications, 318 cross citations in first two years)

  1. Addison, C.K., R.E. Mason, G. Brown-Guedira, M. Guedira, Y. Hao, D.L Lozada, A.M. Acuna, N.A. Arguello, N. Subramanian, J. Johnson, A.M.H. Ibrahim, R. Sutton, S.A. Harrison.  2016. QTL and major genes associated with grain yield in soft red winter wheat adapted to the southern United States. Euphytica. 209: 665-677.
  2. Arruda, M.P., P. Brown, G. Brown-Guedira, A.M. Krill, C. Thurber, K.R. Merrill, B.J.  Foresman, F.L. Kolb. 2016.  Genome-wide association mapping of Fusarium head blight resistance in wheat using genotyping-by-sequencing. Plant Genome 9(1) doi: 10.3835/plantgenome2015.04.0028
  3. Assanga, S.O., M. Fuentealba, G. Zhang, C. Tan, S. Dhakal, J.C. Rudd, A.M.H. Ibrahim, Q Xue, S.D. Haley, J. Chen, S. Chao, J. Baker, K. Jessup, S.Y. Liu. 2017. Mapping of quantitative trait loci for grain yield and its components in a US popular winter wheat TAM 111 using 90K SNPs. PLOS ONE 12: e0189669
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  6. Babiker, E.M., T.C. Gordon, S. Chao, M.N. Rouse, R. Wanyera, M. Acevedo, G. Brown-Guedira, M. Bonman. 2016. Molecular mapping of stem rust resistance loci effective against the Ug99 race group of the stem rust pathogen and validation of a single nucleotide polymorphism marker linked to stem rust resistance gene Sr28. Phytopathology 107:208-215.
  7. Babiker, E.M., T.C. Gordon, J.M. Bonman, S. Chao, M.N. Rouse, G. Brown-Guedira, S. Williamson, Z.A. Pretorius.  2016. Rapid identification of resistance loci effective against Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici race TTKSK in 33 spring wheat landraces. Plant Dis. 1002: 331-336.
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  9. Carter A.H., S.S. Jones, S.R. Lyon, K.A. Balow, G.B. Shelton, A. Burke, R.W. Higginbotham, X.M. Chen, D.A. Engle, C.F. Morris. 2017. Registration of ‘Sequoia’ hard red winter wheat. Journal of Plant Registrations 10.3198/jpr2016.09.0052crc.
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2018 Publications

(46 publications)

  1. Anderson, J.A., J.J. Wiersma, G.L. Linkert, S. Reynolds, J.A. Kolmer, Y. Jin, M. Rouse, R. Dill-Macky, G.A. Hareland, and J.-B. Ohm. 2018. Registration of ‘Norden’ hard red spring wheat. J. Plant Registrations. 12:90–96.
  2. Anderson, J.A., J.J. Wiersma, G.L. Linkert, S. Reynolds, J.A. Kolmer, Y. Jin, M. Rouse, R. Dill-Macky, G.A. Hareland, and J.-B. Ohm. 2018. Registration of ‘Linkert’ spring wheat with good straw strength and adult plant resistance to the Ug99 family of stem rust races. J. Plant Registrations 12:208–214.
  3. Anderson, J.A., J.J. Wiersma, G.L. Linkert, S. Reynolds, J.A. Kolmer, Y. Jin, M. Rouse, R. Dill-Macky, G.A. Hareland, and J.-B. Ohm. 2018. Registration of ‘Bolles’ hard red spring wheat with high grain protein concentration and superior baking quality. J. Plant Registrations 12:215-221.
  4. Ando, K., S. Rynearson, K. T. Muleta, J. Gedamu, B, Girma, N. Bosque-Pérez, M. S. Chen, M. O. Pumphrey.  2018.  Genome-Wide Associations for Multiple Pest Resistances in a Northwestern United States Elite Spring Wheat Panel.  Plos One 13: e0191305.   
  5. Ayana GT, Ali S, Sidhu JS, Gonzalez Hernandez JL, Turnipseed B and Sehgal SK (2018) Genome-wide association study for spot blotch resistance in hard winter wheat. Front. Plant Sci. 9:926. doi:10.3389/fpls.2018.00926.
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(35 publications)

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