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Publications acknowledging WheatCAP support

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2019 ( 52 publications) [get this list as a PDF file

  1. Alipour, H., G. Bai, G. Zhang, M.R. Bihamta, V. Mohammadi, S.A. Peyghambari. 2019. Imputation accuracy of wheat GBS data using barley and wheat genome references. PloS One PLoS ONE 14: e0208614. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0208614
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  5. Cai, J., S. Wang, Z. Su, T. Li, X. Zhang, G. Bai. 2019. Meta-analysis of QTL for Fusarium head blight resistance in Chinese wheat landraces. The Crop Journal. doi:10.1016/j.cj.2019.05.003
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Accepted or partially accepted

  1. Chen, J., J. Wheeler, N. Klassen, W. Zhao, K. O’Brien, C. Jackson, J.M. Marshall, K. Schroeder, and X.M. Chen. 2019. Registration of ‘UI Bronze Jade’ hard white winter wheat. Journal of Plant Registration, accepted.
  2. Chen, S., M. N. Rouse, W. Zhang, X. Zhang, Y. Guo, J. Briggs, J. Dubcovsky. 2019. Wheat gene Sr60 encodes a protein with two putative kinase domains that confers resistance to stem rust. New Phytologists Partially accepted
  3. Debernardi, J.M., J.R. Greenwood, E.J. Finnegan, J. Jernstedt, J. Dubcovsky. 2019. Wheat APETALA2-like genes AP2L2 and AP2L5 control the initiation of axillary floral meristems and specify glume-lemma identity. The Plant Journal. Partially accepted
  4. Guttieri, M.J., R.L. Bowden, K. Reinhart, D. Marshall, Y. Jin, B. Seabourn.  2019.  Registration of hard white winter wheat germplasms with adult plant resistance to stem rust, KS14U6380R5, KS16U6380R10, and KS16U6380R11. J. Plant Registrations.  Submitted

In review

  1. Halder J, Zhang J, Ali S, Gill HS, Sidhu JS, Talukdar S, Kleinjan J, Turnipseed B, Sehgal SK (2019) Mining and genomic characterization of resistance against to Tan spot, Stagonospora nodorum blotch (SNB), and Fusarium head blight in Watkins core collection of wheat. BMC Plant Biology (under review since June 2019, will update the status by September 10th)