March 2, 2024

Triticeae CAP Authorship Policy

To ensure that all TCAP members obtain credit for their contributions to the TCAP an authorship policy is warranted. Four criteria have been designated as critical for  authorship on a publication derived from the TCAP:

1. Contribute materials (e.g., germplasm) critical to the manuscript.

2. Contribute data (e.g., phenotype, genotype) critical to the manuscript

3. Analyze and interpret data

4. Write and edit the manuscript

Fulfillment of at least one of the above criteria is required for authorship.

The process for determining authorship will follow this path:

1. Before a manuscript is written, the following information should be submitted to the Project Directors: title of paper, proposed authors, journal, target submission date, a draft of an abstract, and if applicable references including authors of a preceding poster or other presentation.

2. The Project Directors and the senior author (PI) will review the author list and other provided information and determine: (i) if all authors meet the standard for authorship; and (ii) if there are any names that should be added to the author list.

3. All relevant participants will be asked if they would like to be an author on the paper and if so, document one or more of the criteria listed above.