December 6, 2023

Who we are?

Students of the WheatCAP consortium are located at the preeminent plant breeding and genetics programs across the nation, many of which are in the most prominent wheat producing states. The graduate student cohort is comprised of 17 PhD and four master’s students, all focusing on addressing prominent yield issues. The overall goal of student research entails the validation, characterization and deployment of QTL underlying grain yield in wheat.

You can learn more about them and their projects here.

Symposium Planning Committee

Brittney Brewer-Jones
Montana State University
Max Fraser
University of Minnesota
Saarah Kuzay-Earl
University of California Davis

Amanda Peters – Student Registration and Travel Awards

Andrew Katz – Break Out Sessions

Chia-Cheng (Forest) Kan – Break Out Sessions

Dylan Larkin – Advertising and Social Media

Jonathan Turkus – Facilities and Food Coordinator

Priscilla Glenn – Facilities and Food Coordinator