May 18, 2024

Four WheatCAP PIs in the Highly Cited Researchers List

One of the leading indicators of scientific productivity is the number of papers a researcher publishes and get cited by other papers. This is a measure of the relevance of a researcher’s work.

Clarivate Analytics annually releases a worldwide study, called the Global Highly Cited Researchers, that lists who are the scientist in the top 1% by citations for their field. The 2018 edition was recently published, and we are proud to announce that it includes four WheatCAP researchers: Eduard Akhunov, Jorge Dubcovsky, Jean-Luc Jannink and Mark Sorrells.

The community of US wheat genetics researchers and public wheat breeders has a long tradition of shared work supported by consortium-based grants that goes back to almost 20 years ago. The long list of co-authors that published papers with our four recognized scientists includes many participants in the current and previous WheatCAP projects. This is another reason to celebrate.

Congratulations Eduard, Jorge, Jean-Luc and Mark!

Eduard AkhunovJorge DubcovskyJean-Luc JanninkMark Sorrells