April 15, 2024

QTL cloning at the University of Arkansas


Dylan Larkin

The PhD student Dylan Larkin, under the supervision of E. Mason will focus on characterizing a QTL for grain yield, spike weight and thousand-kernel weight on chromosome 1A located between markers IWA2922 and IWA6707. This QTL was first identified in the bi-parental mapping population Pioneer brand 26R61 x AGS2000 (PA) evaluated in 12 environments and was confirmed in an association mapping panel including 240 soft red winter wheat (SRWW) genotypes in 8 environments. The QTL explains up to 10% of the variation in grain yield and 5% across 12 diverse environments. Lines carrying the AGS2000 allele showed on average 116.5 kg ha-1 higher grain yield than those carrying the P26R61 allele. RILs from the PA population heterozygous at flanking markers will be field evaluated in 2017-2018 for fine mapping. A second student will characterize a QTL on chromosome 3AL associated with grain yield and kernel number per spike inherited from Pioneer 26R61 in the same population.